trial training from home
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Trial training from home, no equipment needed



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Rider, aren’t you very fond of the gym? You don’t get enough time for training for trial and you need some easy and fast exercises that you can do from home?

We’ve posted a new video with our friends from Trialworld in which we show trial riders some exercise sets that they can do from home o from anywhere.

No need to go to the gym or buy any equipment.

With these 4 exercise sets, you’ll be able to do a full-body workout.

They can be very useful if you are a trial rider that needs to improve their physical shape from home, with no equipment.

Also, they can work for you if you practise Enduro o Motocross and you don’t want to lose your physical shape or your training routine.

Above all, these exercises for riders are useful for those days in which you can’t make it to the gym or you are on vacation.

Check out the video below (turn subs on):

What’s inside this trial training at home video?

This trial training from home routine focuses on 4 sets of two exercises each, in which you will work to achieve:

  • A more stable core
  • A stronger and painless lower back
  • Strengthen key areas over your body, such as your knees.
  • More powerful legs to increase momentum

You can find these and many more exercises in our Training App for Riders

Inside you’ll find beginner and advanced levels and we’ll teach you specific exercises and workouts to improve as a dirty bike rider.

Even if you’ve never trained before!

Let us guide you through your trial training!


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