Launching the First training app for all riders!



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Amateur riders all over the world… You have now available for downloading the First training app for Riders that we have developed at POWERING OFFROAD! With this mobile app. any rider can start a fitness plan specifically to improve in their sport, whether it’s Enduro, Hare Scramble, Motocross, Rally. Trials…

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🔥🔥 IT'S HERE 🔥🔥 . Finally the first Fitness #Training App for all the Riders of the world! You can now download and try it for FREE on Google Play and App Store 📲(link in bio) 👉 . After more than 2 years and more than 1500 clients, we have developed a unique Training System to ensure that ANY amateur rider can develop the 8 physical skills needed to practice #dirtbike sports! . And now we launch the 1st Sports Conditioning App for amateur riders, an app capable of customizing this Training System for each #rider thanks to an algorithm that ensures your proper conditioning for #Enduro #Motocross #Trial #Rallly regardless of your starting point, your years of experience riding, or your racing goals. . The entire POWERING OFFROAD team has worked very hard so you can ride safer, have a healthier life and last many years on the bike. . From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that all these months of effort will contribute to making you enjoy more of what you like best 👊✊💨 . You can download the App for free and try it for 14 days, then you can access a monthly subscription, such as Spotify or Netflix 😉 . Run, try it now! We are looking forward to receiving your feedback !!👉👉 (link in bio) 📲 🔥 🔥 💪 ⚡ 🏁 👊 ✊ 💨 😉 👉 . . . . . . . . . . . #endurotraining #motocrosstraining #dirtbikelife #mxlife #endurocolombia #motocrossargentina #startuplife

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How does it work?

This fitness app contains a unique global training system developed by Powering Offroad professionals. With this system, all riders can develop the 8 basic physical skills needed to practice off-road sports safer and healthier, regardless of their level of riding, their years on the dirt bike or their competition goals.

This training system is personalized for each user through an exclusive algorithm that can’t be found on any other training app. Thanks to this algorithm, the user registers their personal information about races, fitness level etc. And the App creates a training plan adapted to their level, that will increase through the improvement of their physical condition.

The fitness plan generated for amateur riders by this training app is distributed in several weekly training sessions with workouts for the gym, at home, with the bike, the dirt bike…

Whether the rider wants to get conditioned for a race or to be fit all year round, the exercises and weekly training sessions automatically adjust, so the rider never feels under or overtrained.

The app also tracks the user’s evolution, so the algorithm adapts the intensity of the workouts as the user moves along their training plan from one week to the next. This guarantees permanent progress for the rider.

The expertise of the motocross fitness professionals, at the amateur’s reach in this training app

The Powering Offroad Team has developed this training App merging the expertise of different professionals from tech, physical conditioning and the dirt-bike world, to create this unique Training Method that has been tested for two years in more than 1500 riders all over the world.

Now we make all our knowledge available for off-road riders all over the world, with this hiper-focused product that guarantees access to physical conditioning for all riders amateur or pro.

The First Training App for Riders is available for download in Google Play or App Store, with a full 14 day free trial in spanish or english.

After the trial, the user can get a BASIC monthly subscription with a similar cost to other apps like Spotify, or upgrade to a PREMIUM subscription and have a professional dirt bike coach inside their App!

We are bringing the pro’s sports conditioning to reach of the amateur riders!