how to become a professional dirt bike rider like Graham Jarvis

How to become a professional dirt bike rider? + Steps



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How does a regular guy go from amateur to pro? What does it take? What are the exact steps to become a professional dirt bike rider?

We motocross and enduro enthusiasts have always thought that only the most talented people could reach the top in the sports world. And even though in theory the most talented riders have an easier time advancing in their sports career, in this post we’ll show you that it’s not only the natural talent of the rider that matters, but more the work they put into reaching their goals.

In todays post we’ll tell you how to become a professional dirt bike rider.

How much does talent really matter to be a professional dirt bike rider?

In the journey of POWERING we have had the opportunity to meet riders of all levels, physical condition and riding style.

But after training thousands of amateur riders from all over the world trhrough our training App, and after personally meeting hundreds of professional dirt bike riders from different disciplines with whom we have been able to work in the PERFORMANCE personal training service, we have come to a conclusion:

Talent makes up only for 20% of the rider.

No, we haven’t gone mad.
Whether you agree or not, the truth is that if you look into the sports careers of all professional dirt bike riders that come to mind at this very moment, you won’t find anyone who is they only for their talent.
Natural talent is what makes only the ultimate difference for a given pro rider to win in their category.

We could say that talent is the “extra” that creates the legends among all champions.

This would be the case of the Spanish motocross rider, Jorge Prado. Or the mythical hard enduro rider Graham Jarvis.

But the reality is that 80% of the professional enduro, motocross and mtb riders are made by other skills.


How to become a professional racer?

The first thing you have to do is define what goal you want to achieve.

Starting with a goal in mind is the key to any effort. Without a clear goal your motivation will be lost over time, and you will end up dedicating yourself to something else.
Having a clear goal is so important that all the pro riders we have interviewed in our Youtube Channel have confirmed that this has been one of the keys to their success.

The second thing you have to do to become a professional dirt bike rider is to work obsessively until you get it.

From Tesla’s founder to young Jorge Prado, anyone with a vocation for success and ambition will tell you that what made them achieve their goal was their ability to persist.

There is no such thing as a miracle or a stroke of luck.

To become a pro rider, you have to focus on your day-to-day work. Like soccer coach Cholo Simeone said, to take it “match by match”.

Because the key to your future achievements in hidden in your day by day actions.

This is the only valid formula for success, applicable to anything you set your mind to in life.

What do I need to be a professional dirt bike rider?

Now that you’ve set up your goals and made up you mind to commit to it daily, it’s time to split this goals into smaller steps.

But whichever your goal to be a motocross, enduro o bike pro rider, let us break it down for you.

You are most definitely going to have to work in these key points

  1. Technical Training.
  2. Physical Training.
  3. Nutrition.
  4. Recovery.
  5. Success-oriented mindset.
  6. Personal brand.

These are all the pillars that hold a pro’s career. None is more important than the other, they all play an extremely important role that affects the whole. Like the legs to a chair.

What you need to be a professional dirt bike rider is to create a planning that allows you to systematically work on these goals for years.

No shortcuts.

Anyone who tells you otherwise will be blatantly lying to you. And you should ask yourself if they have any reason to wanting to confuse you…

Because one of the most common problems an amateur faces as a professional dirt bike rider is that they’ll find lots of people trying to get them out of the way.

In such a competitive sector, where opportunities are few, money is scarce and competition is very high… There are many people who use de-motivation techniques to subtract competitors.

And the reality is that many employ these strategies to confuse young promises, as well as highly professionalized amateurs whose very presence bothers them.

Be that as it may, foul play has always existed in the sports sector.

But stick to the work formula we suggest here, be persistent in it and don’t be afraid to make an effort every day.

This will greatly increase your chances of success in becoming a professional dirt bike rider.

Do you have the right personality to become a professional dirt bike rider? [auto test]

The path of persistence and daily effort is very long.
That’s why very few get to be a professional dirt bike rider. Because not everyone is able to commit to their goal for years to come to this level of demand.

To know if you have the personality you need to become a professional dirt bike rider, we have prepared this psychology self-test in which you will measure your personality with that of great sportsmen of the sector.
If you feel identified with the personality of any of these riders who have become professional athletes by focusing for years on their dirt bike training, their physical training, their nutrition, their recovery and their personal brand, you may be interested in keeping up to date with our contents on professional development for athletes.

In these articles we will bring proven techniques and practical advice to learn how to become a professional dirt bike rider in motocross, enduro, mtb or any other sport.

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