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Sara Garcia, Rally Dakar rider
Sara Garcia, Rally Dakar rider
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Getting ready for Dakar Rally with POWERING's coaches was very easy, I have more confidence and I feel good on the bike. They are always there when I need them.
Mario Román, Sherco Extreme Enduro Rider
Mario Román, Sherco Extreme Enduro Rider
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After a winter with a wide variety of workouts, I have reached the races of the year in optimal condition thanks to the help of the coaches from POWERING OFFROAD.Me siento feliz y con muchas ganas de afrontar una nueva temporada de Enduro Extremo junto al mejor equipo humano posible !!! 😊
Sandra Gómez, Hard Enduro rider
Sandra Gómez, Hard Enduro rider
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I have been working with POWERING OFFROAD for two years because I believe in their values of health, conditioning and love for this sport.



Meal planning


Season scheduling


Personal assistance from our team


Workout & recovery plan

Hydration & supplementation strategies



Use the App to manage your Performance service

If you get along well with your smartphone, we make it very easy for you to work with us through the App, at no additional cost. We make your entire plan within the App and keep in contact via chat. You will carry everything regarding your conditioning plan in one tool easy to use!


The traditional way to manage your Performance service.

If you like to see the training schedules in PDF or print them on paper, we adapt the service to non-technological users.

We will be in touch with you through WhatsApp and send you pdf training schedules linked to the exercise videos to our private YouTube channel.


JC Fernandez
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Since I met you I have been adapting the little time I have during the morning (2 or 2.5 hours) to make a daily exercise table at home after I finish with the stationary bike. The last thing I added was the strengthening of the back and the area of the scapula, what a forgotten area !! Also the basic exercises adapted to the bike, such as doing push-ups with a handlebar and balance on the stability ball, my friends tell me that I'm crazy, but the truth is that it shows much later on the bike, a 10 for you !!
J. Santana
J. Santana
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I have just finished 2nd in the @intercontinentalrally. In order to overcome the 2900 km of the Rally in 6 days, it was essential to follow the Powering Offroad training program as closely as possible. Always conciliating it with family and work. The results have been very clear. Arriving at the finish line, I was better physically than the first day of the Rally. Doing each stage at a very high rate that the first classified imposed. WITHOUT DOUBTING IT WORKS. If you are able to apply 100% in the elementary period of the training plan, you already begin to notice changes in your riding. When you enter the period prior to the races, the results are crazy 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

We offer flexible payment options ;)

Write us on WhatsApp and we will tell you how you can split the payment of the service to start becoming a better rider now.

The is for you if...

You want to be assisted by an expert team like the pro riders, to take your riding and racing to the next level.

You want to finally achieve your competitive goals, wether it's to win races or just being able to finish them.

You want to get over recurrent injuries and pains that are stealing away your excitement for this sport.

You want to reach your maximum performance and feel at your best on the bike.


The POWERING OFFROAD 8RiderSkills training system has been designed by professionals of the physical activity with experience in offroad motorcycling.

With our training system you will develop all the physical skills that a rider needs on the bike: strength, power, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, agility and speed reaction.

All guidelines and routines are oriented to the development of these physical qualities integrated with guidelines for off-road sports training.

We will adapt the system to your level to guarantee constant evolution. We will also apply the system to your goals and your competition dates so that you get to the races in your peak performance.

We will accommodate your day to day to a weekly plan with the sessions, dirt bike training, endurance days and rest days, to put a whole routine together. This weekly plan will contains different exercise tables/training sessions that will change as you progress.

Each training session links to exercise videos so you can learn the technique of the exercises or ask your questions about the correct execution.

From time to time you will receive a questionnaire to give us feedback on your sensations when training and riding, so we can adjust all the variables in each new table to guarantee a progression in your fitness.

You will also receive a resource with the basic stretches you need for day to day and also how to prepare yourself the day before bike day to guarantee your muscle health

We are the ones who adapt to you. Depending on your day to day we will schedule your training sessions at the time that suits you best and we will optimize your weekly routine to guarantee you the best use of the service.

We will present you a view of what your ideal weekly training routine will be according to your tasks, your availability and your goals. You can give us feedback on your adherence to adapt all the variables according to the time you have to dedicate to yourself.

We want to help you comply with your training plan, not impose strict routines.

We cannot guarantee the exact time you will need to notice improvements, because each body is a world. But what we can assure you is that if you follow our roadmap and apply the guidelines that we will design, you will have better sensation on the bike from the very beginning.

As we move forward, you will see quite a few differences in your physique and quality of your riding: you will endure longer rides, you will have more strength to move the bike, you will feel less fatigued, your recovery time after riding will be less, your forearms will not hurt…

You’ll notice huge improvements when you test your fitness on a demanding race or route. At the end of our work with you, the differences in your physical condition will be very noticeable: you will be very fluid, you will have more agility, you will go faster or take more risks, you will feel very strong, you will look more powerful.

Any rider will be able to buy the assistance service with our coaches and implement it wherever they are. The service delivery system has been designed so that there are no geographic barriers. We will work with you wherever you are and we will adapt the way in which we can communicate more easily so that time differences in between our countries are not a problem.

We have clients from countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Chile, United States, Russia, Emirates and many more.

You will only have to pay once and you will enjoy price reduction advantages if you hire us for longer. You can also ask for a split payment if you write us via Whatsapp.

When you have purchased the service we will start working for you designing a tailor-made plan based on our proven 8RiderSkills Method.

In the Powering Performance assistance service you will be in contact with a professional coach who will be in charge of designing your training plan according to the 8RiderSkills Method that we have developed at POWERING OFFROAD.

You will be in touch with your coach to keep track, ask questions, give us feedback and be assisted when you need it. It will be like having the coaches of professional riders right at your fingertips!

Of course. In POWERING PERFORMANCE we work one-to-one with each rider, from their starting level of fitness and the rest of their circumstances.

We will design for you the fitness routines you need to obtain the basis of your physical condition for the dirt bike. Then we will ensure your evolution from this basic physical condition to your best performance.

Being in direct touch with your coaches you can ask all the doubts you have and get assistance when you have any difficulties.

Of course. The service is designed for both men and women. We even have professionals specialized in sports performance for women.

Our team will adapt all the training guidelines to your fitness level, your circumstances and your needs. We will design a personalized plan from your starting point and based on your goals.

All the guidelines will be personal and will be aimed at improving your fitness on the bike. You will acquire more strength, more power, more resistance, more balance, more coordination, more agility and more speed reaction.

Skills that every rider must have on the bike regardless of whether he is a man or a woman. If you want to meet other girls who are already training with us and ask them their opinion, enter the private Facebook group.

There are no structural differences between the conditioning of a man or a woman. For a fitness goal, both should develop a fitness condition that allows them to meet the demands of the bike.

This basic physical condition will encompass the same qualities regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. The rider will train skills such as: strength, endurance at different intensities, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility and speed reaction.

In fitness oriented to women, there are variations in adaptation, volume, intensities, rests and some hormonal variables that should be taken into account for a sports performance objective. That’s why we have professional coaches specialized in woman and sports. And we will take all these circumstances into account when designing your own personal training plan.

Our team of professionals will be able to design a specific training plan for riders of infantile and junior categories, adapted to their age and physical condition, as long as they put the approach into practice under the supervision of an adult who guides them in the execution.

Since all the physical skills of the rider are worked out in our training system, it is very interesting for the underaged rider to start their conditioning as a game that helps them establish routines and develop their physical skills.

We will adapt the intensities, the training volume, the exercises and the rests according to the kid’s age and fitness.


B. Mengual
B. Mengual
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I want to share with you the great experience I had in Romaniacs, being able to have the assitance of the coaches at POWERING that I am taking on both with diet and workouts. I am a totally different rider, hydration allowed me to stay 3 days of 12 hours in a row on the bike without eating anything just with what I prepared to drink, I had no stiffness, no pain, ended each day with an energy that Neither I nor my crew believed. Congrats for the great work you are doing, thank you very much for everything.
R.S. Brave
R.S. Brave
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Hello friends, I wanted to share with you my experience in Hixpania. In late June I broke a bone and that left me unable to touch the bike for a couple of months. I was already enrolled for racing but could not train with the bike, I contacted POWERING to help me get conditioned for the race taking into account my injury. The day of the race arrived and I had only got on the bike once, but I got in good shape and well fed following everything the coach told me. I ended up doing a better race than I could have imagined, getting into the final on Sunday and doing third in my category.

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