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Do you have “Gym Phobia” or get nervous when you see all those weights and dumbbells? Are you a runner, cyclist, or biker looking for bodyweight exercises? Do you want to up the ante on your off-road experience? Or do you want to activate the underlying muscles? Then the TRX bands are the answer to all your questions.

What does TRX stand for?

TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise. Sounds cool right?

Then wait until you learn how TRX bands work

TRX are exercises based on suspension training straps.

TRX is a bodyweight training system, though some variations may be helpful with weights. 

The use of suspension straps makes it unique. 

TRX bands are portable, and thus, are an all-weather friend. One user review describes TRX bands as a “gym in a bag”

That is no exaggeration!

Concept behind TRX bands

The TRX bands were first developed by a former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. It was his idea to train hundreds of exercise movements in remote locations. Randy Studied MBA and converted his suspension training straps into a brand.

The key concept behind the TRX is to reduce reliance on weight training. It is due to multiple reasons. Some people are fearful of weight training, and personal gym equipment is not mobile or readily available everywhere. 

TRX bands induce instability as a core ingredient of training. TRX improves balance.

Instability also helps in activating the underlying muscles, which are not used otherwise in weight training. 

TRX bands help you work out outdoors. It is gym equipment on the go. You can carry out a full-body exercise with TRX bands.

TRX legs workout is specifically effective for cyclists or bikers as it improves both strength and balance.

How do TRX Bands work?

The TRX bands are really simple to use. You can tie them to a tree, post, or a bar in the gym or room. It can be used in your dorm! It has an anchor that comes with the product to hold it.

Here is how to do it. 

First, mount the anchor or holder with TRX bands on a wall with screws. It is very strong and the screws are 3 inches, so they hold it firm. Make sure it is an optimum height. Seven to nine feet is suitable. 

Second, insert the loop part of the TRX bands into the holder. The loop is midway, so you must see a “V” shape forming when you hold both the handles of the bands. 

Third, check for load and movement. See if you can perform exercises freely.

 Now you are good to go with your TRX training. 

You can adjust the length as per the requirement of the exercises. Do not haste, learn to use the TRX  bands first. Get a feel of it! If you are a beginner get the POWERING App to help you learn the beginner TRX workout. Take baby steps. Start with low load and low instability exercises. 

You can train your arms and core with TRX bands. In almost all suspension training workouts, the core is activated. This is how TRX improves strength.

The TRX Plank is a useful exercise for this purpose. It activates your abs, arms and chest.

The one-leg squat is a headache for many people. The TRX bands reduce the risk in squats and other such intense exercises. Train your legs with TRX bands and you will never miss a leg day again! The pump is unbelievable!

Just as the TRX  bands make the squats easy and fun, you can also use it to challenge yourself in easy tasks.

 The suspended TRX pushup is a test of your nerves. TRX pushups activate your biceps and triceps, engages your core, and awakens the back and shoulder muscles. Did I not tell you that TRX is a full-body workout system?

Where to get the best deals on TRX

Like all other products, the TRX bands come in all forms and qualities. Be wise to choose the best in price and quality. We can tell you some secrets though!

The best one comes from TRX itself. They are durable and strong. They come in different sizes and models. The foot grip is not so good but it has a double anchor. It is less unstable. They are expensive. The price ranges from 99 to 200$. 

You can surf others too. Why worry when we are here?

Other brands have also tried their luck with TRX bands. It sells like hotcakes. The price is low here at 90$.

The TRX suspension training for athletes and off-road riders

Have you ever thought how riders, mountain bikers, and off-roaders do not feel dizzy or sick after a race? All these ups and downs would surely make me nausiatic. 

Off-road sports enthusiasts, either they are  bikers, dirt bike racerscyclists, or motocross racers are elite sportsmen. They train regularly like other athletes. 

For off-roading, muscle coordination is essential. The TRX bands are different from exercise machines for this reason. While machines focus on one muscle group or point, the TRX bands engages multiple groups. This improves coordination. 

Another aspect of TRX that is essential for off-road adventures, such as downhill off-roading with a 4 wheeler bike or cycle, is balance and stability. The TRX is a perfect match for such training. It is based on the concept of integrating instability as a core ingredient of fitness training. 

In all Off-Road sports, may it be motocross or biking, the grip is essential. The TRX bands are proven for a powerful grip that does not let go! 

 Enduro is another basic off-road sport with uphill and downhill paths. One 

moment you go uphill, and downhill in another. It is a rollercoaster, but this you are driving! So TRX grip is essential here. 

Use TRX bands to train legs and lower body. The hand and leg coordination are necessary, and with TRX you train with a swag! The versatility of exercises will never leave you short of innovation. The TRX seems to be a perfect match for off-road enthusiasts and zealots! Go grab it!

BUT, let us help you gain more. If you are an amateur rider of motocross, rallymountain biker, enduro, downhill sports enthusiast or fan and you want to improve your fitness for riding, make sure to check out the POWERING App, the only one training app in which you can train and workout specifically for off-road sports with a customized training plan. Get it for free for Android or iOS. 

TRX Bands workout and how to progress

Versatility is the key factor of TRX. You can combine hundreds of exercises to train your body

For Off-road sports, we are here to help. Let us break it down. 


If you are just starting, start with learning. Apply low load on TRX bands and low instability. 

Phase 2

This is the automation phase. As you start to have a firm grip and balance, moderately increase the load in stable conditions. You can also decrease the load with high instability. Increase the reps of the exercises.  

Phase 3

Increase both, load and instability as much as you can handle. You need to always feel progress and challenge. The moment you feel the exercise challenges you no more, add load, increase repetitions or use other elements like yoga balls, bosu balls etc.

By this time, you will master the art of TRX bands.

Best TRX Bands Workout Routine for You!

Hear us out! Let us spoon feed you because that is what we do.

The main part of instability training:

Set 1 (3- 4 series- no rest between exercises and 1- 2 min. between series) 

  1. Open bar rowing with feet on TRX bands (x12 reps.)
  2. One-sided closed hand grip rowing on TRX bands(x12 reps. / side)
  3. Bulgarian squat 1 foot on TRX bands (x12 fps / side)
  4. Frontal plate forearms in TRX bands  (x30 sec.)

Set 2 (3- 4 series- no rest between exercises and 1- 2 min. between series)

  1. One-sided TRX hand grip squat (x12 reps. / side)
  2. TRX open hand grip push-ups (x12 reps.)
  3. Jumping squat with TRX hand grip (x12 reps.)
  4. TRX forearm lateral plate (x20 sec. / side)

Set 3 – Finisher set (3 series – no rest between exercises or between series)

  1. Front plank feet in TRX bands increasing intensity (x 30 sec.)
  2. Angel (x10 reps.)
  3. Shoulder press hands in isometric TRX (x10 sec.)

Pros of TRX bands

Like seriously? We cannot list them all down but I can certainly try!

  • The TRX bands are portable. Take it on vacation!
  • The TRX training experience is better than machine training
  • You can innovate and variate with exercises. Challenge yourself or cheat on a set with TRX bands! Balance and stability increase manifold with TRX training.
  • Coordination and reflexes are improved with by training with TRX
  • User-friendly for both, beginner workouts and advance workouts 
  • Looks Cool! Come on, you cannot deny the appeal! They look gorgeous
  • And many more! 

The TRX is just not there to be ignored. If you can, try it once

Cons of TRX

  • The TRX bands are not for you if you are into weight training 
  • You can improve your muscle mass with TRX but not rapidly
  • You may risk injury to joints if you hastily use TRX

It will not work that way. We felt a compulsion to explain more about this. We want the best experience for you with TRX bands. 

Some joints in the body are sensitive, make sure you do not overstretch them. Be careful with the legs while unstable. It is advised that you follow the aforementioned progression map. The same goes for the shoulders. Do not let them back a lot. Be cautious with the back exercises, stretch them but fo not go into unnatural position or rotation. 

The TRX bands give you the opportunity to stretch different parts. Do not overdo it. Do not overkill and overstretch. Be safe!

Conclusion of TRX Review

The TRX is a profound and erudite workout system. It has the adventure of outdoors and the facility of indoor. The portability and variety of exercises make it “must-have” gym equipment. It gives you control over your workout. You can choose your exercises or adjust the intensity of the exercise, it is like calibration. You get to move your muscle groups in tandem and coordination.

Strength is key to body health, and TRX does just that.

A general tip please? Do not just try TRX training. Include it in your routine workout for the best results. You can specify a day or two in a week for it too. 

 It is there for grabs! Go get it at  

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