Improve your club's engagement, training together as a team.

Share workouts with your dirt bike crews, help them keep motivated and bring your team together as you get fit for riding or racing.



We know each crew is a tribe with your own tastes and manners, sometimes even you own language. 

So here we present you with the ingredients to compose your own personal POWERING TEAMS pack, according to your preferences.

We work with clubs, teams and crews all over the world.

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We all work out live with POWERING's coaches once a week and that's how we keep motivated while getting fit for the races.

We promote the health and fitness lifestyle within your club.


Choose the products below that will compose your POWERING TEAMS pack and get our services according to your needs.

Add to your cart as many services as your wish:


Get assisted by professional coaches

Get a private chat with our coaches exclusive for your club members: they get assistance, their health & fitness doubts solved for their particular cases and weekly motivation from our coaches. 

40€ /month


Live online workouts with our professional coaches.

Weekly online & private live workout sessions guided by our coaches. You whole crew works out together at once without needing to be in the same place. Couldn’t be easier to get rid of excuses and train!

160€ /month

Goal-oriented weekly workouts

The team works out towards common goals every week.

Every week you will receive a new workout schedule, so the whole team works our for common goals. They will find a lot of motivation in sharing the same efforts and challenges!

160€ /month


Tips to maximice racing performance.

We give you recommendations, tips and guidelines for your team to compete better and achieve the racing goals that you aim for.

40€ /session

Full pack

All the ingredients to maximize your team's engagement.

Get the complete POWERING TEAMS pack with Chat, Live Training Sessions and Racing preparation. 

500€ /month

We work out together from home to keep our fitness during quarantines

Reach us vía WhatsApp

If you have a very big club or your want to create a custom POWERING TEAMS Pack, please clic the icon and write us on WhatsApp and let's talk! We are very nice people :)


A united club

Offer extra motivation to carry out positive activities together that unite you as a group.

Different from others

Increase your registrations by offering added value to your bike & dirt bike community, with something that others do not have.

Amateurs riding better & for longer

Increase the time amateurs will ride in the long term, by helping them prevent injuries that lead to premature abandonment of the bike.

Healthy lifestyle

Add value in the lives of your members by improving their health and well-being.

Reach your team's goals

Level up by offering your team professional advice from physical conditioning experts in off-road sports.

Team up with a disruptive Brand

We are the only company specialized in improving the lives of amateur riders and we have been internationally recognized.


Reach us via WhatsApp

If you have a very big club or your want to create a custom POWERING TEAMS Pack, please clic the icon and write us on WhatsApp and let's talk! We are very nice people :)

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