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Alcohol during races? This happens to your body



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Rider, we know there are certain race dates that are a great time to celebrate and hang out with your moto-related friends. Motocross track days and Enduro events are more professionalized, so it becomes easier to meet up with friends. And, many times, easier comes the temptation of taking alcohol during races.

So that’s why we posted this new article in the digital magazine Enduropro, in which we answer all your questions about what happens to your body if you take beers, drinks or any other alcoholic beverage the day before a race. We’ll talk to you about the effects on your body in the upcoming hours after drinking alcohol and the consequences to your performance on the dirt bike, such as dehydration, cramps, fatigue…

And what if you don’t take alcohol during races, but right after them?

You should not only be careful with consuming alcohol right before your races. Also, if you wish to have a beer or any other alcoholic drink after a race, we will be giving you the keys to make as little possible impact on your physical recovery after the effort of the race, mostly regarding your post-workout indications.

Watch the video below about consuming alcohol during races (turn subtitles on, we’ve translated it for you):

Here are some of the questions we answer in this video:

  • Is worse a beer than a drink?
  • What are the risks of taking alcogol before a race?
  • What are the symptoms i’m going to experience due to alcohol consumption while already riding the motorbike?
  • How long do I have to wait to be able to take alcohol after a Hard Enduro, Enduro or Motocross race? Is there anything special I need to do in order to have a drink after riding?

So… Are you one of those riders who take a couple of beers between races? Do you know someone that does? Sen them this article so they become aware of the risks they are being exposed to and show them how to enjoy the races in a healthier way! At least with this information, they’ll know what they’re risking!

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